What is Saddl?

Saddl is a first-of-its-kind mobile app fitness platform where exercise bike riders can compete in races for cash prizes. Operating in the world of skill-based gaming Saddl members’ results are determined purely on ability.

How old do I need to be to participate?

All members must be at least 18 years of age to use Saddl.

What is skill-based gaming legal?

Yes! Through location services, Saddl currently permits participants to enter cash races in Canada as well as 41 of the United States. Skill-based gaming is a booming industry and its legal territory continues to expand. By removing any elements of chance from the platform Saddl separates itself from the threefold requirements of “gambling”: the award of a prize, consideration or entry fee paid, and an outcome determined on the basis of chance.

Exercise and competitions involving physical exertion are perhaps the best example of skill-based gaming. To separate oneself from competition requires physical strength, coordination, stamina and continuous training.

How is my World Ranking calculated?

World Ranking is a combination of points accumulated from total cash earnings, total victories, total entries, and average power output. It is mostly comprised of the first three, with the power output used primarily as a tie-breaker.


What outputs translate to a higher bicycle speed on screen?

The most important output is wattage—the higher the wattage, the faster your cyclist will move. NOTE: your in-game speed is affected by the slope of the track, both at inclines and declines, and either more or less wattage will be required to maintain speed.

Higher resistance + higher RPM’s = higher wattage and a faster cyclist.

Why can’t I see everyone in my race?

Saddl operates in a time-trial format in order to accommodate different time zones, schedules, and fitness routines! Only participants that have already submitted a time in that particular race will appear on screen as a “replay rider”.

How are the cash races made competitive between different fitness levels?

Saddl users have the option to select the “Head Start” feature for their challenges. Calculated using the user’s past races, this feature provides time advantages to users with historically slower results. With this enabled, replay riders show up on screen with their time adjustment reflected in their positioning at the start of the race!

Where are cash races available?

Cash races are currently available across Canada and in all U.S. states except Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, South Dakota, Montana, South Carolina, Delaware, and Louisiana, and Tennessee.

Saddl will be expanding to other countries. Stay tuned.

How does the Challenge feature work?

You may have a couple questions after your guided tour of this section of the app. When you send a Challenge, your opponents have 24 hours from that point to accept the Challenge. A Challenge requires that all users accept it or else it will be cancelled. Once ALL users have accepted, the Challenge will remain open for time submissions for the duration set by the challenger. Once accepted, your required entry fee funds are drawn until the race is either completed or is cancelled.

How does the public events feature work?

You may have a couple questions after your guided tour of this section of the app. Once a race becomes fully registered and the duration clock starts, the registered users are committed to the race. Their “penalty” fee will be frozen in their accounts until they submit their time, at which point the funds become unfrozen. If the user beats their personal time (also shown as a replay rider on screen) then they are eligible for the even distribution of the penalty fees that are taken from users who did not submit a time! Public races are all about accountability, competition, meeting other users, and furthering Saddl’s reward-based exercise format!


How do I connect Saddl to my stationary bike?

After you confirm entry to your selected race you will be prompted to use our Bluetooth auto-sync feature. Saddl will ask you to pedal at a certain resistance level and within a certain RPM range (cadence) for five seconds. The bike will connect automatically and the race will begin.

What if my bike powers down, my battery runs out, or I lose my internet connection?

The Keiser M3i screen and associated outputs are powered by pedal rotation. Whenever you are in a race you must keep the pedals rotating or you will be removed from the race once the bike powers down. Be sure to keep those pedals turning even during a rest! NOTE: You have about one (1) minute from the time you stop pedaling to the time the bike powers down.

It is the responsibility of the user to maintain their network connection and battery life and they will not be granted an opportunity to submit another time. As a result, their submission will be incomplete and their time submission voided. Saddl needs to ensure riders are not using their connection problems as a means of exiting and restarting a race in which they may be performing at a substandard level. Saddl is all about fair racing!

Can I challenge users who have different hardware?

No, all available races that appear on screen will be against other riders on the same hardware. Hardware is confirmed during the bike sync up at the start of every race.

How do I switch between miles and kilometres?

The displays during the race are taken directly from your exercise bike of choice and displayed accordingly. Any changes will need to be made on the bike itself.